There is nothing worth than springing a leak. If you are a resident in Portland this problem can be exasperated by the fact that you have no idea which plumber to turn to.

While this service is absolutely necessary finding a reputable, trustworthy, and experienced plumber in this city can be difficult. Looking in the phone book alone will not cut it. There are over two hundred listings for “plumbing” in the Portland Dex phone book and they all say the exact same thing. Scan through the first fifty ads and count how many times you see “our customers love us,” “excellent customer service,” and “best in town.” If you went by what every person says about themselves you would swear that the president of United States was going to nominate them.

So, this begs the question, how do you find a solid plumbing company?

The following are three basic and easy suggestions that you should follow in order.

By the end of doing these three plumber near me Birmingham things you should be able to come away with a solid person or contractor for any of your plumbing needs

Ask People You Know

Before you consult the phone book talk with people you know. Your friends, family, and co-workers most likely know of a good plumbing business to call. If they do not then they will at least tell you who to avoid.

More than likely a person you are familiar with with be able and more than happy to lead you to a person who will do a great job for you. Otherwise, they would not be recommending them.

Check Online at the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List

I would like to state, for the record, that just because a business is not listed with a major association like the BBB does not mean they are not a quality company. The membership dues for being a part of some of these business associations are getting astronomical and in a no-so-great economy companies have to cut somewhere.

Nevertheless, being part of an organization likes the Better Business Bureau does bring advantages, the main one being credibility. Companies who are part of the BBB or listed on Angie’s List are held accountable to their customers. People can make complaints about them and if these companies wish to remain part of these elite organizations they are obligated to fix or resolve any problem or send a letter in writing explaining why the feel the customer is wrong.

There is a very slim chance that a plumbing contractor is going to do anything to you that would jeopardize his status as anything less than a member in good standing.

Ask for References

Very important to remember! This takes only fifteen minutes to do and yet is never done. People feel uncomfortable calling other people they do not know even when it could potentially benefit them.

Ask a potential plumbing company for at least three references. Once you get to this point you should be 80% sure you want to go with this company. But, this should be the final test. If a plumber or plumbing company is as good as they say then several RECENT former customers should be able to validate that. It is not about not trusting someone. It is about understanding that the society we live in is not the most honest it has historically been and people, businesses included, will say anything.

Due Diligence Will Get You A Quality Company

By slowing down and taking a little bit of time you can find a great plumbing company. There are many good ones and there are more than a few bad ones around town. Your job is to find the people who take pride in their job and have built a solid reputation.