Makita is a maker of power tools that can be used for many type of applications that consist of any type of construction or home improvement project. The most common type of Makita tool is a cordless product, however, corded products such as saws, angle grinders, and sander are also popular. You can get many types of these tools online or at a local home improvement store. Another option for customers is to access the Makita website to use their store locator function.
Makita delivers power tools Makita for industrial and home use. Their power tools are made to be both energy efficient and compact, although they will still produce expected power and results. Search their catalog for the different types of power tools that are available. You can identify a Makita tool is available for most type’s work that is desired.
Cordless tools from Makita use a variety of types of batteries. One type of battery for use in many tools is a Lithium Ion battery, another type that is well liked is an 18-volt battery. Every tool made by this premier company is tested before it leaves the factory. A warranty is bundled from the manufacturer that covers any type of defects or poor materials. If any of these are discovered it will be repaired or replaced without any fee.
One common tool from Makita that is used by professionals and home owners is a power drill. A power drill comes in various models such as a one-half inch drive drill kit. The average weight of a drill is 3.5 pounds and is between 8 and 10 inches long. A drill kit includes one to two 18-volt batteries with a case for storage and transport. Some models also have a LED light that can be used to illuminate the area for driving a screw or drilling a hole.